Ao Thalane Full Day & Half Day Tours (Program C)

Ao Thalane Full Day & Half Day Tours   (Program C)
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Kayaking / Natural Mineral Pool / Elephant Trekking


AO THALANE – The most popular spot for kayaking in Krabi province, Ao Tha Len (also spelt Thalane) is a small bay that puts you within easy paddling distance of a network of canals meandering amid mangroves, sea caves and vertical limestone cliffs. Ao Thalane – Thalane Bay in Thai – has become the capital of sea kayaking in Krabi Province. Located in the southern part of Ao Luk sub-district, Ao Thalane is a fishing village located in a superb area featuring mangrove forests and impressive limestone canyons, offering the perfect playground for sea kayaking exploration. This area of Krabi Province is rather undeveloped and still retains its genuinely Thai character. The mangrove forest and its inextricable network of canals is the breeding ground of many fish and crustacean species, so fishing has been the prime occupation of the locals for centuries before the first tourists arrived. Fortunately, tourism development in Ao Thalane is pretty slow and this area remains off the beaten tracks. The few hotels and sea kayaking camps established in Ao Thalane do not aim at mass tourism, but at people looking for a tranquil and healthy vacation in a pristine natural environment, like a back-to-the-roots kind of experience. The unique and fragile eco-system of the mangrove must absolutely be preserved for the greater good. Sea kayaking is an eco-friendly activity that perfectly fits the idea of a sustainable economy. Most operators based in Ao Thalane have at heart to protect this unique habitat that hosts an incredible fauna and flora, making this a great destination for responsible eco-tourists. As a visitor, you will have the impression of travelling back in time, to a world totally dominated by luxuriant nature that offers a very relaxing feeling. Take the slow pace of the area, silently glide through the verdant forests in your kayak, spot wildlife hidden in the lush vegetation, and treat yourself with delectable seafood dishes. Ao Thalane will leave you with great memories of southern Thailand.

THA POM KLONG SONG NAM (NATURAL MINERAL POOL) - Up in the northern reaches of Krabi province, Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam, or “Two Water Canal,” is a refreshing dose of natural beauty that’s far off the usual tourist trail. The park’s ecology includes abundant mangrove and banyan trees and a wide range of crabs and lizards. Crystal-clear water pours off a nearby limestone mountain, mixing with seawater and turning emerald as you head towards the ocean, especially at high tide. A raised wooden walkway takes you to view snaking roots of banyans beneath glass-like water at low tide. Even though it’s not an actual waterfall, Khlong Song Nam is arguably more beautiful than Than Bok Khorani waterfall further north, and it can easily be visited on the same day. The walkways, pavilions and footbridges blend into the natural environment, a very peaceful setting that’s also great for a picnic. Very few foreign travellers make it here.

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