Destination Dining

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Keemala’s Destination Dining offers intimate picnics and dinners-for-two in alluring venues. Dine under the starry night on the Rooftop, amidst nature in the Sunken Pods, or in the cocoon of the Wine Lounge, Enchanted Hall, or inside the villa.  

Dinner Experiences:

‘Khon-Jorn’ Dinner - featuring signature Indian cuisine
‘Pa-Ta-Pea’ Dinner - featuring signature Thai cuisine
‘We-Ha’ Dinner - featuring signature Thai & Indian cuisine 
‘Rung-Nok’ Dinner - featuring signature Western cuisine
‘Himalayan Salt Bricks’ grill experience  

Picnic Experiences:
Pa-Ta-Pea’ Picnic - featuring Thai cuisine
‘Rung-Nok’ Picnic - featuring Healthy Spa Cuisine 


  • Must be booked a minimum of 1 day in advance
  • Price is per guest, minimum 2 guests
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