Destination Dining

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Keemala’s Destination Dining offers intimate picnics and dinners-for-two in alluring venues. Dine under the starry night on the Rooftop, in the cocoon of the Wine Lounge, Enchanted Hall, or inside the villa.  

Dinner Experiences:

‘Khon-Jorn’ Dinner - featuring signature Indian cuisine
‘Pa-Ta-Pea’ Dinner - featuring signature Thai cuisine
‘We-Ha’ Dinner - featuring signature Thai & Indian cuisine 
‘Rung-Nok’ Dinner - featuring signature Western cuisine
‘Himalayan Salt Bricks’ grill experience  

Picnic Experiences:
Pa-Ta-Pea’ Picnic - featuring Thai cuisine
‘Rung-Nok’ Picnic - featuring Healthy Spa Cuisine 


  • Must be booked a minimum of 1 day in advance
  • Price is per guest, minimum 2 guests
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