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Guangzhou Activities - Top things to do in Guangzhou


Guangzhou is well known for its delicious food. But it is notorious for eating everything: snakes mice, cats, sparrows, etc. Cantonese cuisine is noted for its freshness, tenderness, smoothness and crispiness. Sai kung Street, named after Hong Kong's famed outdoor seafood area in Sai Kung, is home to a string of restaurants.

Local food:

---Won ton
---Noodle soup
---Congee (savory rice porridge)
---Shrimp dumplings
---Steamed shaomai
---Hoof-shaped cakes
---aro cakes with honey
---Grilled buns with stuffed meat
---Chicken with glutinous rice


Yue Opera
Yue Opera is a major genre of opera in the south of China, prevalent in Guangdong and Guangxi, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia. Its singing and dialogue are all in Guangzhou dialect. Based on Banghuang Tune, it combines Kun Tune, Yiyang Tune, Guangdong Tune with Guangdong folk music and popular tunes. In a addition to Chinese traditional instruments like Er Xian, Gao Hu, San Xian and Yue Qin (the former two are bowed string instruments, the latter two plucked string instruments), its orchestra has adopted Western instruments such as violin, saxophone, cello and double bass. In acting, stage scenery and lighting, it has borrowed from the techniques used in modern drama, Western opera and film and gradually formed its own distinctive features. Originally its characters were divided into ten Hangdang (categories), but later on reduced to six: civil and military male, scholar-lover, major female secondary female, clown and military male. Included in the repertoire are 5,000-6,000 traditional items.

Leading actors and actresses include Ma Shizeng, Hong Xiannu, Luo Pinchao and Bai Jurong.

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