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The region of Kunming has been inhabited for 20000 years. Tomb excavations around Lake Dian to the south of the city have unearthed thousands of artefacts from that period -- weapons, drums, paintings, and silver, jade and turquoise jewelry - that suggest a well-developed culture and provide clues to a very sketchy early history of the city. Unit the 8th century the town was a remote Chinese outpost, but the kingdom of Nanzhao, centred to the northwest of Kunming at Dahi, captured it and made it a secondary capital. In 1274 the Mongols came through sweeping all and sundry before them. Marco Polo, who put his big feet and top hat in everywhere, gives us a fascinating picture of Kunming's commerce in the late 13th century. Below you will find a comprehensive listing of Kunming Hotels by Locations.

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