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Wuhan hotels accommodation and china hotel guide

Situated at the confluence of the Yangtze River and its greatest branch, the Hanjiang, Wuhan (population 8 million), the provincial capital of Hubei, is one of the major economic and industrial cities in China.

Although today there is little indication of the important historical and cultural role the city once played, in fact, Wuhan was one of the most politically crucial spots in the nation, when the Guomintang moved the capital here from Guangzhou in 1927. After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, Wuhan was directly under the control of the Central Government and under provincial control by 1954.

Located in the very center of China, and known as one of China's "Three Furnaces" (due to the incredible heat pervading in the summer months), Wuhan is a HUGE metropolis, divided into three separate districts, each the size of a small city in itself. This is also an important domestic and foreign commercial port and the center of industry, finance, commerce, science and education for central China. With the development of the Yangtze Valley, Wuhan is becoming increasingly important both in domestic and international terms, specifically as an important education and scientific research base, due largely to the sizeable university and student population here and local governmental efforts to promote this as a premier business and commercial destination..

There are few actual sights here, and Wuhan is neither beautiful, nor the kind of place most travelers want to hang around for a long time. However, the location of this city, at the heart of the Yangtze, means that it is a compulsory stop for many travelers in central China. What's more, this is also a vital trading and business destination and many business travelers may find themselves holed up here for a few days. Do not fear! Wuhan has some good hotels, catering largely to business travelers and there are a few interesting areas that warrant a look. The nightlife here, while far from cosmopolitan, is also passable, with a few lively student bars and some pleasant spots to kill some time in the more upmarket hotels.

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