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Ninh Binh Hotel Vietnam Accommodation - Reservation Hotels Guide

Ninh Binh is a small town about 100km south of Hanoi, which is surrounded by a number of lesser known interesting sites. Hoa Lu was the first capital of the independent Vietnam, under the Dinh dynasty and the early Le Dynasty (968-1009). There are two sanctuaries, each of them devoted to the emperors of one of these two dynasties. They are set into a landscape of limestone mountains reminiscent of some the better known sites of South China. In Tam Coc, you can take a boat tour on a river which tunnels several times into the same type of mountains. The river is actually used by local villagers to access their rice fields. The nearby Ken Ga canal provides the opportunity to observe river life in the North, and contrast it with what you can see in the Mekong Delta. The whole area was an important center of catholicism, and you will be surprised to see churches among the rice fields. Phat Diem has a vast cathedral which has a unique Sino-Vietnamese architecture.

Ninh Binh is located to the south of the Northern Delta, between the Red and Ma rivers. It is bordered by Nam Dinh, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh, and Thanh Hoa provinces. The population is made up of 23 ethnic communities, among which the Kinh account for more than 98%. The rest of the population consists of the Muong, Tay, Nung, Tai, Hoa, and Dao ethnic groups.

The old city of Ninh Binh is one of many famous historical sites in Vietnam. Other sites in this area include Hoa Lu Citadel, Nhat Tu Pagoda, and Can Linh Pagoda.

Ninh Binh is 91km from Hanoi. Express train connections with Hanoi (Limited allocation of tickets) and regular bus connections with Hanoi’s South Bus Station.

A small walk of a quarter of an hour up the small mountain to the Bich Dong Pagoda lets you enjoy a nice view of Hoa Lu. Some people may want to charge you VND 10000, but this is only for the boat.

The Tam Toc Caves are worth a visit. It is only 12 km from the village, so you can rent a bike for some VND 5000 to 10000. Another possibility is to combine the caves with a boat trip to Hoa Lu. The boat is VND 25000.

Cuc Phuong makes for good walking.


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