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Singapore Transportation and Transfer Guide

Getting There

Changi Airport in Singapore is 10 miles (6km) from the city center.

Air Canada: Tel 732-8555
Air India: Tel 220-5277
Air New Zealand: Tel 535-8266
American Airlines: Tel 221-6988
British Airways: Tel 533-1333
Cathay Pacific: Tel 533-1333
China Airlines: Tel 250-2888
Japan Airlines (JAL): Tel 221-0522
Korean Air: Tel 534-2111
Malaysian Airline System (MAS): Tel 336-6777
Philippine Airlines: Tel 336-1611
Qantas: Tel 737-3744
Singapore Airlines: Tel 223-8888
Swissair: Tel 737-8133
United Airlines: Tel 220-0711

Singapore is the southern terminal of the Malaysian railway system.

Express buses run daily between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Ships and Ferries:
Major cruise lines to Singapore include Ocean/Pearl, Cunard, Royal Cruise, Princess Cruises and the Royal Viking Line. Ask your travel agent for more details.

Getting Around

You can rent a car from any of the international firms, or from local car hire firms. You will need both a national and international licence. Driving is on the left side of the road, and wearing a seat belt is the law.

Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is a new, clean and easy way to travel. The train consists of two main lines that run north-south and east-west. Coin-operated ticket-dispensing machines are located inside the main doors at each station. There will be a third MRT line (the North East Line) scheduled to be completed by end 2002.

The ticket-dispensing machines also accept dollar notes and is located opposite the ticket machines. Enter the platform through the gates marked with green arrows. There you insert your ticket, arrow first (and facing up). The machine will open the gate and return the ticket. The same procedure is followed at your destination, except that your ticket will not be returned.

Instead of using cash, you may choose to pay your MRT and bus fares with a stored value ez-link Card. The Card can be bought or revalued from any TransitLink Ticket Sales Office located in most MRT stations and bus interchanges. Each adult Card is sold with a minimum value of SGD 10 plus a deposit fee of SGD 5.

For more information, call the TransitLink Hotline: 1800-767 4333 (toll free in Singapore only)

There are two types of buses in Singapore: the Singapore Bus Service and the Trans-Island Bus Service. You can purchase a Singapore Explorer ticket that will allow you to travel anywhere for up to three days.

The ticket comes with a useful map with details on major tourist destinations and which service to use to get there. For more information, pick up the "See Singapore by Bus" pamphlet from the STB (Singapore Tourism Board Raffles City.

Ships and Ferries:
Major cruise lines to Singapore include Star Cruises, Cunard and P&O / Princess Cruises. Ask your travel agent for more details

Ferry and water taxi services departing from Clifford Pier, Jardine Steps and the World Trade Centre can take you to Singapore's outlying islands. Visitors going to Pulau Ubin can take a boat from Changi Jetty

Singapore Guide

Singapore Guide

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