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Krabi Attractions - Top Sightseeing and things to see

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Krabi offers the adventurous traveller not just beautiful beaches and clear green seas, but numerous islands, large and small, for exploring or even living like Robinson Crusoe for a while.

Phi Phi Islands


The Phi Phi Islands are by far the main attraction to Krabi, and are widely considered to be amongst the most beautiful places in the world.

There are six islands altogether: Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Ley, Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Yung, and Phai; each of which offers some of the most unique topography on this planet. Of these six islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley are the largest, and most well known.

Phi Phi Don


This is the largest of the Phi Phi islands, and offers some of the most arresting scenery available anywhere in the world. Phi Phi Don is comprised of two main sections, peculiarly connected by a narrow strip of glittering white sand. It was here, in the center, where the first settlement of Ton Sai was established.

Since that time, Phi Phi Don has earned a reputation as one of the most alluring sights in the region, offering spectacular beaches, gleaming, turquoise seas, and remarkable landscapes. This reputation, however, has not come without a cost.

In recent years Phi Phi Don has experienced a tremendous amount of growth, and is no longer the pristine island that it was just ten years ago. This is not to say, however, that there is no longer anything to see on Phi Phi Don. Regardless of the commercial expansion, Phi Phi Don still remains one of the most magnificent places in the region.

The upside to the recent development of Phi Phi Don is that it is now able to offer a more complete range of services. A virtually unlimited number of recreational activities are now offered for the tourist and the traveler. Phi Phi Don also offers some very good game-fishing, and sea kayaks are obtainable for a reasonable fee. Phi Phi Don can be reached by boat from the Chao Fah Bridge in Krabi, for about 150 baht. The trip typically takes about 2 hours.

Beaches - Phi Phi Don: Hat Yao, Hat Lanti , Hat Hin Khom, Hat Hin Khao, Ton Sai, Hat Laem Tong

Phi Phi Ley


The second largest of the Phi Phi Island chain, Phi Phi Ley is extremely beautiful, and pristine.

Day trips to Phi Phi Ley are available, and one of the biggest attractions is Phaya Naak Cave, or Viking Cave, which has some bonafide prehistoric carvings.

Another attraction to Phi Phi Ley are the nests of the edible-nest swiftlet, which fetch up to US $2000 per kilogram. Armed guards stand watch over these nests, to protect them against poachers. Overnight stays on Phi Phi Ley are forbidden.

Another attraction to Phi Phi Ley is the abundance of coral reefs, which make for some extraordinary Scuba diving and snorkeling. Recently, the motion picture The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, was filmed on Phi Phi Ley, giving viewers a mere glimpse of the truly breathtaking scenery this island has to offer.

Yung Island, Phi Phi Ley


This small island in the Phi Phi chain is a few km north of Phi Phi Don, and has two small beach areas. Much like Phi Phi Don, and Phi Phi Ley, Yung Island offers visitors some fabulous scenery, both underwater and above.

Day trips are available to Yung Island from Phi Phi Don, and feature brilliant views of pristine coral fields.

Phai Island, Phi Phi Ley


This is another small, deserted island in the Phi Phi chain that can be visited during the day by boat. Phai Island offers some tremendously attractive scenery, and also has exceptional coral specimens.

However, like Yung Island, this pristine island is uninhabited, and has no accommodation.

Lanta Island


Although less scenic than some other areas in the province, Koh Lanta is perhaps the most idyllic area available in Krabi. While lacking the towering karsts, Lanta offers travelers something that is growing increasingly difficult to find on Phi Phi or Pranang: peace and quiet. With over 19 pristine, tree-lined beaches, remarkably friendly residents, and inexpensive accommodations, Lanta Island is the perfect place to go for a serene, relaxing vacation.

A section of the southern portion of the island was recently made into a national marine park, and further south is a large community of sea gypsies.

How to get there: Passenger boats to Lanta cost 150 baht and can be taken from the Chao Fah pier, Krabi. Lanta can also be reached by a combination of minibus/ferry. Minibuses to Bo Muang leave from in front of the TAT sub-office in Krabi, and cost 40 baht. Ferries from Bo Muang to Lanta Island leave at 12.30 and 2.00 pm, for another 40 baht. Ferries can also be taken to the new port at Saladan, which is more developed, for 50 baht. This ferry leaves Bo Muang at 1.30 pm. Beaches, Lanta Island: Klong Dao, Phra Ae, Klong Koang, Klong Nin, Kantiang,

Hong Island


This island is located at the edge of the Than Bokkhorani National Park, and is accessible via boat from Ao Pranang. The trip takes about an hour, but is well worth it, as Hong Island is home to a beautiful sandy beach, and some wonderful deep and shallow water coral deposits.

In addition, Koh Hong has several caves that are home to the edible-nest swiftlet, whose nests are valued at over US$2000 per kg.

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