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Rayong and Koh Samet travel information and local guide

Rayong is blessed with its abundance of nature beauty. It has a well deserved reputation for producing seafood products such as shrimp paste, fish sauce and dried seafoods, and tropical fruits of which rambutan, mangosteen and durian are the most famous.


In general the geography of Rayong is marked by a series of mountains interspersed by flat plains and large tracts of land under forest, rubber and fruit plantation. Offshore, there are many islands which are well-known by the tourist, such as Ko Samet and Ko Mun.


Rayong is located in the east coast of Thailand on the northern shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand, about 179 kilometers from Bangkok.

Rayong has an extensive coastline stretching for approximately 100 kilometers, and some 3,552 kilometers square in area, and is divided into 6 administrative districts and 2 sub-district. To the north and the west they are bordered by the province of Chonburi, the east by Chanthaburi Province and the south by the Gulf of Thailand. The total population of the province is about 508,398 persons. (In 1996)


The climate is tropical, generally warm and humid with abundant rainfall, average temperature is around 28 C. The best months are November through February.

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