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Chiang Mai Transportation and transfer guide

Getting Around The City

There are several modes of both public and private transportation available to ensure your convenience when it comes to getting around Chiang Mai. They are as follows :

Vehicles For Rent

Currently, there are about 30 rental businesses operating in the city of Chiang Mai. cars, vans, motorcycles, and bicycles are available for hire at most of these rentals.
Insurance for cars is available at the majority of rental businesses. Before renting it is wise to obtain the infotmation regarding costs and claims, should any damage be done to the vehicle while it is in your care. This is especially true if you are planning to take the vehicle on a long trip.

Vehicles are rented for a time period, with no limit put on the mileage. The only conditions are that you pay for the gas the vehicle uses and return it safely and on time. Most businesses will also require that you deposit your passport as a guarantee of the punctual and safe return of the vehicle.

Needless to say, you should have a driver's license, international or from your home country, and a clear understanding of the rules of the road before renting a vehicle. Because of the variety of vehicles that use the roads, Chiang Mai traffic is quit unlike that of anywhere else. It may take a lot of getting used to, and it may be a good idea to firsr observe the traffic from the passenger's point of view before taking over at the wheel.

Public Transportation

Besides rentals, another way of getting around the city is through the use of public transportation. Silors (Songtaews), or pickups that have been converted into mini-buses; tuk tuks, or motorized three - wheel taxis samlors, or pedal trishaws and buses (at last a familiar name!) are all available public transportation. These are numerous and can be found everywhere in the city.

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